Who we are

Marcus Borg and previous CRC council members

Marcus Borg with the officers of the CRC

CRC has a governing Council of up to 14 people, including the officers. Dr Ian Wallis, the vicar of St. Mark's Broomhill is an ex officio member of the Council.

CRC officers 2013-2014

Anne Padget is the CRC adminstrator working out of the St Marks Church office in Broomhill, Sheffield.

  • Ian Wallis, Chairperson
  • Helen Fisher, Vice Chairperson
  • Tanya Ralph, Secretary
  • Robin Saunders, Treasurer

Other Council members:
Yasmin Donlon
Sue Hobley
Roger Lasko
Jelly Morgans
Jane Padget
John Simmonds (Newsletter)
Chris Sissons
Robin Story
Maureen Bownas

Our patrons are the Revd. Dr. John Vincent, a former President of the Methodist Conference and formerly Director of the Urban Theology Unit in Sheffield and Professor Marcus Borg, Hundere Distinguished Professor of Theology and Culture at Oregon State University.